Sean Barclay is a proven Product Design Leader, Design Technologist, Strategist, Manager, Mentor, and Motion Graphic Artist based out of San Francisco, California. He studied graphic design and technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), where he explored print, interaction design, and animation.

At his core, Sean is an experimenter, constantly tinkering, learning, and growing. His focus is on interactive software, typography, generative art, mobile, motion graphics, and gestural technology. He blends the worlds of advanced technology and interactive design to create new engaging experiences that help users remember and embrace as they interact.

Recently, Sean was impacted by the 12K layoffs at Google. At Google he led product design teams and initiatives for ATAP, Cloud, Fuchsia, Geo, Health, and Nest.

Today, Sean is exploring new opportunities with creativity and technology. Please get in touch below if you're interested in seeing work samples, networking, or discussing new opportunities.

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